MY STORY so far ...

The Story so far ...

To really see where it all started let us take you back several years ... Jazz grew up watching the late 70's and 80's Bollywood movies at his father's Indian movie theatre back in the UK.  His love for Bollywood movies and actors grew in a passion for singing!  His roots of music came from his Father, who was an engineer for Jaguar cars but had a hidden talent and passion as a poet, songwriter and spiritual/religous singer.   Jazz's father was a philosopher, a spiritual man who always brought up his children with the simple saying "If my children are happy ...I'm happy" and always encouraged us to follow our dreams and passion.

Dad wanted me to become a Rockstar and I wanted to study Medicine ... I guess we both got what we wanted

 The musical journey started back in the late 70's when as teenager Jazz formed his first band "International Sholay" ... yep, named after one of the biggest Bollywood movies at the time (the "International" was just thrown in to make them sound huge). He and his older brothers and friends got together and performed at home birthday parties and event singing songs like  O Meri Mehabooba and Chalte Chalte.  Well over years from there came the evolution of the next band Ajnabee where he was the lead vocal singing the the Bollywood 80's tunes and from there was the birth of the first major band Anaamika that would give hem the huge break that they surprisingly were not expecting!  During the massive UK Bhangra explosion in the 80's and 90's Anaamika came out with bang ... the Cool Dudes of Coventry (as they got branded by BBC TV) were the very first Indian boy band that could only be described as the Indian version of NSYNC or Back Street Boys .. their unique innovative sound was a fresh, untouched style that made them stand out from the typical Bhangra music that was out there .. along with their slick, modern western  look, choreographed dance sequences, blowing up pyrotechnics they wowed their audience with something that the Indian Brits had never seen before!  Their first performance at UK's first Asian Pop Awards got them in noticed overnight as they took the top award as Top Newcomers to Asian Music!

Anaamika - The Cool Dudes of Coventry - BBC TV

Over the next few years Anaamika went onto record 6 outstanding chart topping albums with a genre of music which could only be described as new, innovative and fresh and won various awards like Most Outstanding Newcomers to Indian Music, Most Innovative Band at UK's very first Asian Pop Awards . After many years of performing all over the UK and endless tours .. all while lead singer Jazz was studying Chemistry and Natural Medicine at University the band eventually decided to call it a day while still on top form after a very exhausting 10 years as each member went onto pursue their own personal professional careers.  in 1995 Jazz along with his wife and their young son moved to Canada to purse their profession.  Well, as they say the rest was history. 

Jazz now resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with his wife and three sons all of who are professionally educated, trained and experienced musicians!  Over the past year he has worked on various musical projects with local Canadian music producers like Kal M, DJ Sanj, MIB Productions etc.  With a recording studio and rehearsal space in his house it was only a matter of time that Jazz was going to get back into his passion for music!

Jazz aka Jazz Anaamika is now one the finest, most versatile, professional Bollywood singers in Canada. He provides a vast entertainment singing repertoire from Bollywood Golden Oldies to the most recent Bollywood hits.

While he focuses his style primarily on Bollywood music he also offers other genres of music like Hindi, Punjabi Bhangra, Sufi, etc. Whether you're  looking for Golden Oldies classics of Kishore Kumar's Zindagi Ek Safar, Roop Tera Mastana or Mera Sapno Ki Rani or perhaps Mohammed Rafi's classics like Chaudvi Ka Chand or O Hassena Zulfur Valee ....  or more recent hits of Arijit Singh's Tum Hi Ho or Atif Aslam's Jeena Jeena or Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's Mast Mast ... or Sonu Nigam's latest hits well he's got it covered! If its Kumar Sanu, Adnam Sami, Mukesh, Jagjit Singh, Udit Narayan, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, he's got a great selection of songs to cater for everyone!o

His performances within Canada, UK, USA, and India make him a sought after Bollywood singer. He's not your regular singer but an artistic entertainer that is extremely professional and passionate about what he delivers and will provide a performance of wonderful entertainment for you and your guests. His experience, elegance, refined voices, versatility and professionalism make him well versed for providing the finest in musical entertainment for weddings, receptions, parties, mehfil nights, home parties, clubs, concerts, corporate events and festivals - whatever the event, he's got it all covered!

His personal mission? It’s simple, to provide a high caliber of live, professional, innovative, most versatile singing entertainment for your event that always guaranteed to leave your audiences in sheer excitement! 

If you want to make your event special, unique and stand out from the rest he's got what you're looking for! Jazz has over 35 years of experience working in the South Asian music entertainment industry and as a singing entertainer recognizes and understands his client's needs by working closely with them to make their event a more memorable one!

His personal mission? It’s simple, to provide a high caliber of live, professional, innovative, most versatile singing entertainment for your event that always guaranteed to leave your audiences in sheer excitement!  Jazz performs as a solo artist as well as a duo with other local and international male and female vocalists with either professional quality backing tracks, a small five-piece acoustic band or with a full on professional 8-10 piece live musical band.  “It’s all about delivering what the audience wants” says Jazz.  Jazz is a professional artist of the highest standard and he therefore pride himself in providing the highest quality of musical singing in the local entertainment industry! We have an entertainment package to suit all your needs. Get in touch with him and we will take the worry out of your hands and make your event one to remember!  World class entertainment services on your doorstep! Bollywood Singers Canada - No.1 in Music Singing Entertainment.

“Its all about delivering what the audience wants